Who are we?

That's the question that got this whole project started. Identities are complex and constantly evolving, a delicate balance of nature and nurture, chance and choice. This magazine is a dynamic community of people actively becoming themselves....and representing that process through visual art, essays, poetry, music & lyrics.

Through a unique combination of school and library visits, an anonymous postcard project, and educator outreach, IDENTIFY will display a diverse collection of real people's stories in a variety of formats and media.

School, Library, and Organization Visits

Author and editor Lindsay Bandy has developed interactive workshops (customized to your group) to encourage creative introspection and discussion. After discussing how her novels have been shaped by her personal struggles and defining moments, she'll offer writing and drawing prompts that foster individual creativity and small group discussion between students and educators.

Diverse student needs and abilities will always be considered and accommodated, with the firm belief that every person, regardless of ability, has an important story to tell. Discussions focus on genuine understanding of others rather than technical aspects of writing or artistic expression. No student will be required or pressured to share personal information. Privacy will always be respected, and no student's work will be published without written permission.

Lindsay welcomes opportunities to visit writing and literature classrooms, ESL classes, school guidance offices, libraries, and writer's groups.

About the editor....

Lindsay's debut novel, NEMESIS AND THE SWAN, will be published in October, 2020 by Blackstone Books. She is a youth librarian who writes fiction for teens and adults, and has published poetry for kids in Highlights Hello Magazine. You can learn more at www.lindsaybandybooks.com

photo credit: Michelle Johnsen
photo credit: Michelle Johnsen

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